30 Day Challenge


Standardized testing, end of the year tests and evaluations, requirements to move into a new grade, all of these concerns are valid but parents don’t forget where your hope lies. Pull on the source that helps you to face another day. Funnel energy from the source that gives you creative ideas. Now, take a moment to speak life into your child. They ARE intelligent, they CAN learn, they ARE the greatest of all times, they CAN read, write and comprehend new information. Most of all remind them that THEY ARE LOVED!

You’re invited to a 30 day Faith Filled Child challenge. Commit to speaking 5 positive phrases to your children each day. Plant, water, and cultivate the deposited seeds of faith. The school system, the administrators, and the teachers need YOU to help complete the complex puzzle of education.  Every child can excel. Together, let’s make it happen!


About faithfilledchild

Faith Filled Child is a company that inspires parents and empowers children to cultivate their seeds of faith. Faith Filled Child was founded by Dr. Albert and Shanique Thompkins and is based in Austin, Texas. Dr. Albert L. Thompkins, IV earned a Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin with a focus on Mental Health Economics. He is the Vice President of Running With Angels, a speed development company, in Austin, TX. He and his wife, Shanique, have two children. Shanique Thompkins is a wife, mother, Homeschooler, and Challenge A Director for Classical Conversations - Georgetown. She holds a Bachelor degree in English and Business Administration from Fisk University and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership.

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